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Tote Bag Flyer By MS ME

Tote Bag Poem By MS

The things that you will fit in this bag
are so crazy they will make you mad!
Guns, ballons, alarms and toys
Just the things for your boys!!!


Our Tote bags for the Twilight fair B.M

We have made Tote bags for the Twilght fair. We first started with a white pillow case and then we got one of the boys creative parents to come and help us cut and sew our tote bags together. Then we put marbles and rubber bands on to make an effective pattern that would make them look cooler. Soon we died them to put a colour to it. We dried them in the pool room for three days and they were dry. They look awesome. So if you can come to the Botany Downs Primary School Twilight fair you may see some Tote bags. BY B.M.

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Tote Bag Photos By Tp

This is my tote bag. I hope you like it!!!


Tote Bags By AC, BP and VN

Here is a picture of our Brilliant Tote Bags after we had died them:

From left: BP, AC, VN

Tote bag poems

This bag is made of marble and dye,

It will make you think that you can fly.

You can carry little things in this bag,

And large things will make it sad.


Tote Bags By LL TT

These are our tote bags that we made.



Tote Bag NT

This bag is made of marbles and dye,
And will make you think that you could fly.
You can carry little things in this bag,
And large things will make it sag.

Tote Bag Poem TP

On day when you arise,
Our tote bags will give you a superise.
They are green brown black and blue,
And mad especially just for you.

poem by C.B.

In this tote bag you will find,

something wrapped up with love and kind.

In this tote bag something will come,

this something will be lots of fun.


Tote Bags by T.H/ J.C

We have been making tote bags for our school Twilight Fair. We also made poems and flyers to go with them. They have been redecorated in the style Tye dying. We hope you enjoy them!
A little tote bag just for you.
Remember love is always true.
A little bag for you to use.
It's to cute to reuse.
Tote bags, Tote bags they're so cool!
You can get them at our school,
Orange, pink and purple too,
We have made them just for YOU!!!

Tote Bag Advertisment by HD & SS

Do you want to be a super nice man ?

Then come & buy Tote Bag for your Gran.

She will be so very pleased.

She might even give you a piece of cheese!

So you should come get one now,

& turn that frown, upside down!

Tote Bag Poem By LL

A person with a smiley face
is showing off, his new bag with grace.
For he is proud as you can see,
how jealous will the others be?

In this tote bag you will find,
Nothing important left behind.
Walking down the road so proud,
You will always be noticed in a big crowd!


Tote Bags by J.J

Align Left
We have been learning to make tote bags and we have written a poem to go with it .
In this tote bag you will find
nothing important left behind.
A work of art for to use
what you do with it you can choose.

Tote Bag Poems By TT

There once was a tote bag wacky and new,

On the street there was a few.

Its funky, creative, sunny and bright,

Looking at it is a wonderful sight!!!


A note from Mrs Foot!

We have been working very hard on our Tote bags which we are selling at the Twilight Fair. With the help of a parent (the lovely Mrs G), we have cut, sewn and Tie dyed pillow cases to create fabulously funky and original Tote bags. The class have been interested and proactive, and have enjoyed the learning that has lead up to this point. We hope the Parents enjoy looking at the Poems, Flyers and Tote bags on our Blog, and I hope we see you at the fair supporting the children.

Our Poems.by AGW AM JDS

A little bag for you to use
Will make all your wishes come true
Full of love,laughter and joy
happinss for every girl and boy. JDS

In this bag are things that are fine
like sweets and flowers and delious wine
carry it on your shoulder strong and proud
you can even shout out loud. AM

A little bag for you to use
It might even be better than a fuse.
Which one will you choose?
I know that if you choose the bag you will never lose

Tote Bags By J.L

We have been making tote bags to sell at our school Twilight Fair. We have also made a personalised poem to go with our bags.

Come to Botany Downs Primary School

See our tote bags they're so cool.

Use them to keep your special stuff

Its a wonderful bag that you will trust.

By J.L

Tote Bag by mm ki cb

We have been learning how to make a tote bag for the school twilight fair.

Our tote bag poems...C.H andJ.L

We have been writing personalised poems to go with our tote bags that we are going to sell at our Twilight Fair.....

A tote bag made with love and care,
You can take it any where.
In the car or at a bar,
You can take it near or far.
By C.H
This tote bag is clearly unique,
More interesting than an antique,
This bag is both bright yet helpful,
So come on buy don't be doubtful!
By J.L

Tote bags by MWG

Room 12 have been making tote bags

and this is one of the poems that go with the tote bags.

In this tote bag you will find,

Nothing important left behind.

This bag carry's much you see marbles, chocolate, toys and books,

This will definitely enhance your looks


Flyers TP

Please come and buy one of our tote bags!

Tote bags poems by B.M N.C

The excitment and fun that you will find in this bag.
Will stop you from feeling miserable and sad.
Marbles, chocolates, toys and books.
Will definitely enhance all of your looks. By: N.C

A bag that puts a smile on your face.
You will never feel bad or out or out of place.
But if you do look at me you'll find how happy you can be.
By: B.M

Tote Bag Flyer by LL & TT

Tote Bags by AC, BP, VN

We have been learning to make tote bags to sell at our school Twilight Fair. In order to sell our bags, we have made advertising flyers and poems.

In this tote bag you will find,

Bits and bobs of any kind.

It does not matter what people say,

You will love it anyway.


By AC and BP

In this tote bag you will find,

It's unlike any other kind.

It was bound together with love and care,

It will make you smile anywhere


A tote bag made with love and care.

Come buy one at our Twilight Fair.

The one that you will never lose,

There's different colours you can choose.


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